got a mobile team?

Web dashboard + SMS communications + everything automated

= Higher profitability.

Manage your mobile team via SMS, with

We understand that your most precious resource is your staff's time. Once an hour is lost, it's gone.
With Fieldservice you can capture more of those precious hours, every week.

Fieldservice saves time wasted on admin, gets you paid faster, makes customers happier.
Your team can do more jobs, you can grow without hiring extra people to manage job dispatching or updating customers.

  • We'll tell your customer that your technician is on the way, so your staff isn't waiting on the kerb outside.
  • If something changes and you need to re-assign a job, we'll update your technicians.
  • Your staff can update the system by SMS, and we'll keep you in the loop.
  • We'll update your customer when a job's status changes.
  • We'll ask your customer for feedback after every job.
  • Send an accurate invoice in a few clicks.
  • If you're in a meeting, your business communications keep going.
Best of all? No CAPEX. You don't need to buy lots of smartphones and iPads for everyone. If your technician has a plain cellphone, we can work with them.

Typically, mobile teams have these problems:
  • Management either has to spend a lot of time managing hour-by-hour workloads, or have no idea what's going on in their business. One costs you money, the other reduces your service quality and ability to react. Why not fix both with a minimal upfront outlay?
  • Once a job is finished, paperwork and invoicing take hours to get created. Why not automate that and get the invoice to the customer immediately?
  • Lots of time is spent adding up times for payroll. Why do a computer's job?
  • You never really know how well the job was done unless you were there, or you ask the customer for feedback manually. Why not have the system ask them every time?